Robert Mason online is currently unavailable.


Today, we lost our Downtown Columbus store due to a fire.
Our store may be gone, but RM will rebuild. Please don't forget us, and visit our facebook page, twitter feed and online store often for the latest on our comeback.


An abbreviated version of will be back soon so that you can continue to love RM.

Thank you for your business & support. You inspire us.

What is a Robert Mason product?

  • The quality is exceptional.
  • The design is striking.
  • The sensibility is vintage.
  • The practicality is modern.

The carefully crafted look & feel of the stores of yesteryear.
Timely, modern business services using the technology of today.

It’s the best of the old and new business worlds.

The RM Story

The Robert Mason Company began with a kid who had a dream. After opening his first store when he was a mere thirteen years old, Robert Grimmett has grown his brand into a multi-store destination for office supplies, fine stationery, and vintage-inspired living. And as the dream keeps getting bigger, the RM story just keeps getting better.

The RM Story 

Find Your Supplies

Whether you work in an office or at home, whether you’re a student or a graduate, whether you write by hand or type at a desk, your work requires any number of supplies. The Robert Mason Company has the supplies that keep you not only equipped but also inspired to continue the work you’re doing.

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The RM Blog

We have ideas. We have amazing office supplies. We have a passion for cool things and local stores and creative branding and business models. The RM Blog is the place where we share our ideas and our amazing supplies and our passions with you.

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